Fast Juice

Posted: April 26, 2012 in The Troubled Scribe's Scribbles
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Recently watched a enlightening documentary through Netflix, Fat  Sick and Nearly Dead, interesting take on cleansing and over body health. Definitely throws out a radical perspective on juicing, kind of makes me want to buy a juicer and try it myself.

Only one thing troubled me throughout the film, the amount of weight loss versus duration of the fasting period. A tad extreme for the everyday individual, not that someone couldn’t slowly immerse themselves into it. Notice the trucker quits his job and both men have a complete lifestyle make-over.

  1. njsherry says:

    I really enjoyed that movie; found it interesting and enlightening. I agree with you about it being extreme, but that being said, those men were both over 300 pounds taking steroids to deal with an auto immune disease. Extreme measures for extreme circumstances. I think the average person could start with 3,5, or 10 days. Will you try it?

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