I have yet to read a single book by Gail Z. Martin. I aim to rectify that immediately, if only for the fact that the covers of her books are freaking amazing. It simply astounds me how much of a difference a fresh, engaging, and graphically pleasing image can make one want to purchase a novel. I was simply browsing through my local book store when this particular beauty caught my eye. Obviously I must congratulate the artist Steve Stone and Orbit Books for an creating such an eye-appealing design.

I’m not saying that I would never read a book if the cover wasn’t ascetically up to par. In fact, it makes me feel a tad bit sorry for all the wonderful novels simply skimmed over due to its lack luster appearance.

Here’s another tasty goody that crossed my path today, Crown Thief by David Tallerman. Angry Robot Publishing and artist Angelo Rinaldi did a wonderful bit with this.

Little Liam would most assuredly enjoying munching on these shiny ones. Almost complete with Void Stalker, a Liam review soon.


  1. Lynn Ledeboer says:

    I agree. Covers sure capture attention, draw you in and swallow you up! Looking forward to Liam’s next review!

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