Guardian of Dawn is a free short story ebook by prolific Black Library author, William King. King is best known for his Space Wolves and Gotrek and Felix novel series set in the Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy settings respectively.

While only a short story, you can’t complain with the excellent writing quality and price in this little teaser of a tale that leaves you crying out for more.

Kormak is a knight within the order of the Guardian of the Dawn, a sect that is sworn to uphold an ancient treaty protecting the Children of the Sun from the Shadow or those known as the Moon’s Children.

Kormak first appears to us grievously wounded and banging on the door of a farmer’s cottage. Through a round of banter and persuasion Kormak is given entrance. In hindsight this might not have been the most fortuitous of situations for either party.

The farmer’s daughter is being threatened by the Children of the Moon. The farmer and his family beg Kormak to protect them and honor his order’s oath. Being the man that he is, Kormak is obligated to fulfill their request. While confronting his adversary the Shadow, an uneasy truce is formed; however,  even with that pact a morose conclusion is brimming on the horizon.

An astounding short story, made even more enjoyable by its free price tag. I can easily envision a wide series of short stories about this knight’s order and their quests compiled into a dazzling anthology.

As far as free short stories go, this deserves every bit of its 5 out of 5 Liams rating.

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