After making a few purchases at my favorite bookstore, I’ve decided to create an excel spread sheet for the next six months to track my used book purchases and analyze how much money I’m actually saving by getting them used.

First Purchase 

Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett, Hardcover for $3.99 how could I pass this up? List price : $20.00


Second Purchase

Since Blizzard’s recent release of Diablo III, I’ve been trying to collect all the former Diablo books. Priced $3.99 and list price $8.99.

Third Purchase Ah, the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey! Haven’t read it, I might, I don’t know just depends on my free time. Got this for the wifey. Price $7.99 list price $16.00.

Fourth Purchase Lastly, this wee-bitty book for the Liam Monster! Priced at $2.49 with a list price of $5.00.

Now then, lets try and use our dismal mathematical skills which all of us English Savvy individuals failed at so miserably in High School. Total Purchases Consisting of $23.46, List Price comes in at 50.00 and a grand savings of $26.54! Not to bad for a few small purchases.

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