In Dan Abnett’s story, The Strange Demise of Titus Endor, the characters are so real that I think I’ve met some of them in real life. Titus Endor is obviously my crazy grandfather from my mother’s side… okay… well, maybe not but it seriously could be. Abnett’s grasp on 40k is so perfect that if he ever did slip-up with something I would consider the work a forgery.

In an alternate reality Abnett was obviously some sort of Warhammer God sent to our universe to gift us with awesome stories such as this one. The Strange Demise of Titus Endor is a bit baffling until the end and you could actually end up rereading the entire story to try and figure out what you really believed happened.

Titus believes he is on a mission to hunt down villian Gonrad Maliko and through circumspect evidence, a bizarre occurrence of somewhat correlating numbers, and a mysterious dancer Titus leads us on a ghost hunt, or is it?

Great writing, great setting, and another great short story by the infamous Mr. Abnett, who by now should be referred to as Doctor Abnett with a PhD in Warhammer verse. 9 out of 10 Liams and you can read this short in the very first Hammer & Bolder issue through Black Library.

Abnett also has a new Eisenhorn vs. Ravenor book coming out, Pariah.  It should be very interesting indeed! I have another short story review coming up, Primary Instinct by Sarah Cawkwell.

Here is a look at what came in the mail today 🙂

Games Day Anthology,

#961 The Bloody Handed by Gav Thorpe,

And Aenarion Chapbook!


  1. MrsWarhammer says:

    I’m starting to get alarmingly fond of Mr Abnett!

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