Primary Instinct is a short story featuring space marines from the Silver Skulls chapter and it is written by Black Library’s new talent Sarah Cawkwell. As of now Sarah has two novels out, the Gildar Rift also dedicated to the Silver Skulls and her other novel is Valkia the Bloody, a Warhammer Fantasy. Sadly I haven’t read either and Gildar Rift is on my impending list of books to read immediately.

Looking at Primary Instinct, I enjoyed what I see as a clear cut and sharp writing style with excellent visual descriptions. I can’t stop picturing the squad of fierce space marines swatting at the insects buzzing around them. It’s a great well-defined gritty realistic image.

The squad is hunting after the Eldar and is unsure whether or not the vile aliens have eluded their grasp. Throw in a different unidentified alien life form, some sick combat scenes, and an intriguing plot and you have a pretty sweet and compact 40k short story. Characters worth noting, Sergeant Gileas Urten is the squad commander of ‘The Rekoners’.  Normally I’d assume he was the central figure but I felt the story drifted more heavily on the shoulders of the young Prognosticator Bhehan.

If you haven’t read this yet or any of her other works, then you need to. Highly talented and excellent at crafting a scene, Sarah Cawkwell has a promising authorial career ahead of her. 8 out of 10 Liams for this noteworthy tale of the Silver Skulls.

I find the talent that the Black Library picks up is just incredible. They know exactly what they like, what readers like, and what it takes to churn out high quality novels and stories left and right.


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