Whether you have kids or not, Rocket Cat, The Tale of a Cat with a Rocket Pack is an exciting and adventurous children’s tale by Andy Remic, that follows the exploits of Tiger Puk as he desperately searches for his captured love, Libby Twinkleye. Libby Twinkleye has been captured by the evil Redcap Goblin Katcats and is being held prisoner for their King Chimera, who intends to make Libby his bride and then eat her! Will Tiger Puk be able to reach Libby in time or will the horrible Chimera be victorious in getting his bride and a tasty treat?

The only way Tiger Puk can find Libby is by traveling to the evil Katcat world of Niffle Heim and in order to reach Niffle Heim, Tiger Puk must assemble a rocket pack. Somehow with an extremely advanced knowledge of “Ooman meccy hanics”, Tiger Puk is able to assemble just such a contraption out of a brand new sports car’s engine and away Tiger Puk is off to rescue his stolen Libby.

Along the way Tiger Puk runs into a giant blob with tentacles, the King of the Katcat Gold World Silver Crownsnout, The Ancients Snowbeard Grey and Ice-eyes Whiskerfrost, and an insane dead Ooman thing named Mungo. Allies and enemies alike, nothing can stop Tiger Puk with his rocket pack.

Clever, funny, and entertaining Rocket Cat had Liam smiling as I tried to imitate some kitty language for him while reading out loud. A great wholesome read, Rocket Cat gets 10 out of 10 Liams for being such a fantastic kids book which is sure to incite you and your child’s wild imaginations of a land filled with Katcats and their magical world.

Many thanks to Andy Remic for providing me with this copy of Rocket Cat.

You can find more about Andy Here and his Publishing Imprint Anarchy Books Here.
Liam has two upcoming reviews of Anarchy Books, A Jar of Wasps and Serial Killers Incorporated.

(Here is Liam, wishing he had a Rocket Pack too!)

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