Liam Reviews First Kiss, Last Breath

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Book Reviews
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It has been a little while since my last review and I couldn’t have received a better novella to read than Lee Mather’s First Kiss, Last Breath. The story is brimming with gripping characters, intense psychological problems – or maybe they aren’t – and beautifully laid out scenes filled with hope and despair.

Two very unique and broken young souls struggle to become whole again; each of the pair would be lost and alone in the darkness without the other. Andy is an artist of exceptional talent and he sees the world very differently from you or I. Andy lives with his dead and decaying grandfather; seriously, the man is dead. Andy is also tormented by a blue demon named Glib whom Andy painted. Glib sucked out his grandfather’s soul and appears to take a liking to anyone who gets close to Andy.

The other troubled individual is Nor, who takes a liking to Andy and his mystique. Nor is a rebellious young girl who wants nothing more than to be a journalist or writer which is a stark contrast to the doctor her father wants to her to be.  When the two main characters’ paths collide I wouldn’t say sparks fly but a budding attraction takes place that blossoms throughout the story as the pair becomes more involved in each other’s lives.

Some of the scenes are written so vividly it is as if Mather is holding our hand, dragging us along and forcing us to witness everything that Andy see and experiences right along with him; scenes such as Andy’s dead grandfather rotting in his chair, the carnage of a bus crash, a concert and a riot. The dialog and the realism truly shine brightly in this novella. The interactions between other characters an Andy in First Kiss, Last Breath are so spot on it draws you in and lends another aspect of added depth which gives a bit of strength to my favorite thing within the novella. The fact that Lee Mather never completely crosses the proverbial line between Andy’s reality and imagination with the demon Glib, even at the very end Andy leaves us with a bit of doubt was my favorite bit.

First Kiss, Last Breath is a great story, written superbly well, and the fast eye-opening pace leaves you wanting more until the final end. 9 out of 10 Liams for Lee Mather’s excellent work. I have already been telling many of my friends to check this one out and read it. It really is worth it. I have reviewed some of Lee Mather’s work before in the Fading Light Anthology, you can find my review here. Mather continues here with his strong writing style and gripping prose.

You can find Mather’s website here  and his twitter here.




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