Liam Reviews “The Rook”

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Ghostbusters meets X-Men meets James Bond. I would say that about sums up The Rook by Daniel O’Malley and I love all three of those blockbusters. The Rook certainly has it all.

Our kick-ass heroine, Myfanwy Thomas, must wade through all manner of supernatural bad and good guys all the while suffering from amnesia while someone is trying to kill her. She is guided through the detective process by none other than her own self – having been pre-warned and having prepared for the inevitable mind wipe by penning a tome of letters to future self.

Her self-discovery along the way of outing the evil Grafters who are value-added beings is key to the plot. O’Malley does a nice job of exploring the psyches of both Thomases – the before and after. Meek and mild mannered or assertive and tigress-like, Myfanwy must overcome all her self-doubts and fears to vanquish the often gooey monsters.

There are plenty of fun goo fests to satisfy the ghost hunger in all of us. Wet and oozy, drippy and fuming, Thomas and her team wade into the muck, often literally getting sucked right in. Her faithful Moneypenny-like assistant, Ingrid, is the solid rock to Thomas’s vacillating character. Other characters are solid as well, likeable and believable.

This was a fun, quick read. I wouldn’t mind following more adventures of this Rook. 8 out of 10 Liams.


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