Liam Reviews “An Agreement With Hell”

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Book Reviews
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Liam aawhAn Agreement With Hell By Dru Pagliassotti caught my attention on Apex Publications Book Store for a multitude of reasons and in the end, it just wouldn’t leave me alone. The cover is a beauty but it is the storyline that wrapped me into its devilish embrace.

“In the divine struggle between good and evil, humans are hardly noticeable to the mal’akhim, but when an ancient seal is broken on the grounds of a California college campus, beings from dimensions beyond the balance of holy and unholy erupt from the earth. A retired priest and an ailing magickian must trust the mysterious Walker Between the Worlds and his skin-eating demon familiar as they step through Heisenbergian passages of probability and battle forces that are so far beyond demon they cannot be fully seen in earthly dimensions. Amidst the earthquakes and interdimensional intruders, the students and staff of California Hills University step across the boundaries of their knowledge and faith, revealing their true natures as the night erupts in earth and blood.”

This excerpt sums up the entire story to a tee and it’s why out of so many other enticing reads I went with this one! The retired priest, also known as Andy, and Jack, the ailing magickian, are a dynamic duo that could fill a couple more books with entertaining tales themselves. But the real show stopper is Todd, The Walker Between the Worlds and his familiar, Amon. Together they traipse through this story with an aura of mystic and astonishing power that really makes this novel congeal together.

Pagliassotti also works wonders with her portrayal of the devils and angels within An Agreement With Hell and even the entities in between. However, I found some of her descriptions of the college students a tad lacking or misconceived with how their intelligence and behavior is so greatly varied. If the entire side story with a few of these young adults would have been left out, it really wouldn’t have affected me much as a reader either way.

The biblical references and arguments in An Agreement With Hell are immaculately well formed and thought out; whether they are accurate or not I have no idea. (My old testament knowledge is severely lacking.) This book had a very Constantine (supernatural thriller movie starring Keanau Reeves) feel but with three star main characters that you can actually form an attachment with.

An Agreement With Hell turned out to be a blazing page turner that took me only a single day to finish. So needless to say I was riveted from start to finish and really enjoyed the read. I would love to see some spin offs in different settings with these three, Jack, Andy, and Todd. A little mix of Horror and a little Urban Fantasy is the perfect genre combination for this book. To fans of both I highly recommend finding yourself a copy and indulging in the pleasures you are sure to find tunneling through these pages. 8 out of 10 Liams.

Tons of thanks to Apex Publications for providing me with this excellent review copy!


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