Liam Reviews “Veritas Ferrum”

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Black Library
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            I’m extremely frustrated right now and the reason for my angst is that of the short audio, Veritas Ferrum by David Annandale. Veritas Ferrum was part of Black Library’s Advent Calendar for 2012 and it is one of the only audio dramas I’ve ever purchased. I hate to say it, but I’m not really happy right now about that transaction. I wish there would have been another ten minutes of this stellar audio: because I’m craving for much more after the sickening, teaser of an ending Annandale gifts us with.

The blip on Black Library‘s website about Veritas Ferrum, sums up this short audio in a spent bolter shell: “The Iron Hands warship Veritas Ferrum arrives in the Isstvan system in the second wave of Imperial forces. Battered by the foes and forced to retreat, the crew must make a difficult choice when survivors of the massacre ask for aid.”

             What they failed to mention is how listening to Veritas Ferrum is akin to a Space Marine holding a chainsword at your throat as soon as you press play, and by the end, you will wish that the blade was lodged firmly back in place as you desperately scrambled around, hitting the replay button for more. Also, when I found out “who” those survivors were, my interest only intensified immensely, due to some of those survivors being from one of my favorite chapters. So back to why I am so damn irate – because the concluding scene leaves us with: “Veritas Ferrum… bleeding tiny armoured figures into the void” and with the Captain of the Veritas Ferrum forced to make an unimaginable decision and the outcome of that decision instantly ends the audio.

Veritas Ferrum should be nominated for the most aggravating ending award of 2013. That being said I truly enjoyed the little taste of what I was given, even if now, I have more questions than answers. Lasting eleven minutes and seven seconds long you need to shut out all other aspects of life and be prepared to take a dip into a vicious void war from which you might not return. 4 out of 5 Liams and can I have my other ten concluding minutes now?

You can find David Annandale on Twitter HERE.

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