Liam Reviews “Helion Rain”

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Book Reviews
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My first review from the stories within The Space Marine Script Book is Helion Rain by George Mann. It features the Raven Guard locked in deadly combat with the Tyranids. Veteran Sergeant Grayvus and his group of quickly diminishing scouts is tasked with destroying a key power station, while the brunt of the Raven Guard forces are lead by Captain Koryn. They must hold the line at all costs against overwhelming odds or all shall perish.

I’d rate this one as a bit above average, nothing exceedingly special, but a solid short story all around. For my first audio script review, it is pretty sweet to see the formatting on how the dialog and special effects are laid out in paper format. On a side note, George Mann couldn’t have picked a better atmospheric setting than Helion.

I would have liked a little more attention to be paid to the scouts under Grayvus’s command chain, especially since two of them have the best scenes in the entire script. Grayvus’s himself is also quite the force to be reckoned with. On a side note,  I tended to slightly gloss over Captain Koryn’s fight scenes.

Comparing the author’s foreward to the actual story, allowed me to appreciate how he was trying to contrast the two opposing forces. He also did a great job of digging into the Raven Guard’s customs of honoring their fallen brethren, which was another point Mann noted he wanted to touch on.

My one big complaint, was actually the Tyranids themselves, I found I didn’t care much one way or another and was never really worried about them. Sometimes the genestealers can be interesting in certain settings (Deathwatch) and the final “Boss Fight” was epic, but in the end Tyranids in this short still reminded me of the Bugs in Starship Troopers and Rico’s Roughnecks were here to “Kill them all”.


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