Almost Human – Are You Receiving

Posted: December 11, 2013 in The Troubled Scribe's Scribbles
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It is already multiple episodes into the outstanding Fox series of Almost Human, but I’ve decided to review as much as I can through the backlog that I plan on watching. Almost Human is a futuristic Earth in which cops and androids are paired together to protect against an overwhelming variety of dangers. Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) and his android partner Dorian (Michael Ealy) are both vastly outnumbered and technologically far behind seemingly every criminal mind they have come across so far. I’m currently on Episode Three: Are You Receiving. After the first two episodes, this one appears to be picking right up where it previously left off with a brilliant mix of humorous dialog, intriguing plot, and gun-blasting action.

Karl Urban’s role as Detective John Kennex is almost too easy for him due to his previously starring in the film Judge Dredd. Urban’s acting is up there with the best of them. While I’m not as familiar with Ealy’s resume, the line he tip-toes between human and advanced robotic creation is impeccable.

Ironically, so far in Episode Three, Kennex and Dorian are the first to respond to a hostile invasion of an office building with the comms being currently shutdown via John Kennex’s request. Once again, Karl Urban is sealed off inside a building with little outside help; I find the similarities to the Dredd movie scenario amusing.

The inter-connectivity between Dorian answering the emergency calls and relaying them to John are a great technique, something I haven’t seen before. Mackenzie Crook, playing Rudy the mad/genious scientist, is also a great little gem inside this series.

Episode Three brings a little more insight into John Kennex’s past and continues to strengthen the budding partner relationship between John and Dorian. I can’t say the conclusion surprised me, but without any spoilers it was a clever move. I also think that there is a tad more foreshadowing involved perhaps when John mentions that the entire procedure was an advanced tactical maneuver. I think later on in the season we actually might see who is the chess-master behind the pawns of the operation. My ending note goes out to the Ford products on display. Ah, yes, the matte, finished Ford Fusions and Explorers that the cops are driving around in are definitely a tantalizing bit of advertising.


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