Censure by Nick Kyme is exactly what Warhammer 40k needs more of: a realistic mesh of superhuman space marines and those they serve to protect against the forces of chaos. Censure brings back flashes of one of my personal favorite short stories, Paul Kearney’s The Last Detail, with its inclusion of a Space Marine needing assistance from a lowly human in order to obtain success with a vital mission.  That fact alone pretty much sold me on purchasing the audio drama, just to witness the relationship between Ultramarine and Imperial Trooper.

Aeonid Thiel is a character I’m not overly familiar with, as I’m not a huge Horus Heresy nut, but this audio drama was too sweet to pass over and I’m now totally digging his character.  In Censure, Thiel and Imperial Guardsman Rowd are tasked with liberating the Ultramarines’ stronghold that has recently been taken over by Dark Apostle Kurtha Sedd and his warband. That is of course, if they can survive long enough to mount an assault and return trip.

The highlight of Censure is the duel between Aenoid Thiel and the daemonic Word Bearer inside the abandoned Legion XIII Tank. The description of the mutating Word Bearer in audio format was bliss to envision, for the mind of the listener.

The narration of the audio, the voice casting of Gareth Armstrong, Sean Barret, Martyn Ellis, Chris Fairbank, and David Timson is all spot on. The music, the audio effects, every piece of Censure was really a pleasure to listen to and the product Heavy Entertainment has created for Black Library is really impressive. I’m not sure who did the cover art for the CD, but it is a poster-worthy piece.

This being my second audio Black Library creation, the first being David Annandale’s Veritas Ferrum, I have to start considering this as a new viable  and promising medium for story telling one – that I previously dismissed. If you are on the ledge about purchasing an audio drama from Black Library, as I was, I would highly recommend this one for getting your feet wet.

  1. I’ve dipped in and out of the HH series, but my true love is the Imperial Guard, so I definitely understand your hesitation.

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