My Life On A Fishing Line

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Poems

I’m drowning in a barrel full of false hopes
that’s floating away in a sea of eternal dreams
I’m like a blind man, but lost in life
I couldn’t find my way home, If I knew braille.
A desert filled with buried treasures has my full attention
A desk littered with past due bills might as well not exist
The preacher man declared me a sinner and told me to repent
I’d rip off my shirt and let the infinite light cleanse
Yet somewhere in the middle, Halfway between that barrel and treasure
I skipped a beat and stumbled
Those hundred dollar bills came with an eviction
That preacher man brought his coven bearing canes
I’m drowning in my own vomit of wild turkey and hash
The lights are flickering on and off inside
There is no fight, no direction, no hope
This way surely isn’t home and I’ve finally hit the end of the line


  1. Pabkins says:

    wow the wild turkey and hash really made me feel/see that =P

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