Indifference For Emotion – My Poetry Collection

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Poems, The Troubled Scribe's Scribbles
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CoverIndifference So I have been musing around the idea for sometime about putting together a collection of all my favorite dark and demented free verse poems and pieces that I’ve scribbled down in the past few years. Finally, I’ve crossed that great divide and self published them, here is the result: Indifference For Emotion: Layers Beneath The Mask.

I’m pretty happy with the product I produced and man, what a path it was to create the cover, format the ebook, and all that other jazz. It was a much more strenuous tasked than I could have imagined and I’ve garnered a new respect, for those who do this as their full-time jobs, it isn’t as easy as simply pressing “publish”.

The cover image is actually a photo I took from my local Sandhill State Park, in Kansas. I run there a lot and it is a fantastic spot to go clear your mind and breathe the fresh air. (Only con is all the damn bloodsucking ticks, watch out for them as they will literally swarm you)

I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just a way to add some professionalism and posterity to my poems, some of which the penciled words were literally fading away into the pages I had written them on. Thirty-four pieces of screamingly sad, dark, depressed, and horror laced works, that when I initially felt these emotions I portrayed no outward sign of any such feelings, but later when they became too much to hold inside I took to releasing these demons with pen and paper.

A friend of mine, R.A. Kennedy, who runs the blog Sleepless Musings Of A Well Groomed Moustached Man, was kind enough to take an interested in my works and had this to say about them:

“A plethora of emotion, and one thing I loved about them is that they’re 100% authentic emotions, and that is something you can’t fake, many have tried. I tried picking a favourite, but then the list grew.  I think you have something really good here, it captures a lot of things many people feel. Also, they reminded me of Metal lyrics mainly for some of the dark content and many were very lyrical in their construction, which I like”

I absolutely love his kind words and can’t thank him enough for being one of the first few to read this collection in its entirety.

In short, Indifference For Emotion: Layers Beneath The Mask, is a collection of my inner pain and angst. I find it ironic to put such a price on it as $0.99 cents, for that can never quantify the things I went through in order for this collection to become a reality.




  1. romeorites says:

    Aww, isnt that R. A Kennedy a splendid chap … Just kidding. Been a bit awol of late me ol’ mucker but love what you have come up with for the cover. im sorry ive not been around much and thankyou for the kind words about my kind words about your words. Brilliant stuff! To the signal boosting machine!

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