Liam Reviews” The Midnight Road”

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Book Reviews
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I have to admit – I picked up Tom Piccirilli’s book, The Midnight Road, in one of those clearance bins. (No offense meant, Mr. Piccirilli, I’ve been a huge fan since reading his short Subletting God’s Head !) I was looking for good deals, just browsing to see if something special caught my eye. I flipped the book over, read the summary on the back. Knowing it wouldn’t be one of my normal reads. This was more of a mystery thriller. But, hey, it was Piccirilli! I knew it was going be brilliant!

It was written in 2007, so, yeah, I’m a little behind here. A good book stays that way. The Midnight Road was no exception. Loved the main character, Flynn, a Child Protective Services investigator. Seemed kind of obscure and tangential of a main character at first; I mean what kind of power do those guys have anyway? However, that bit of hesitation faded into the back of my mind as I was drawn into this biting story to follow Flynn as he meets the Shepard family and falls darkly into their secret horrors.

Flynn battles his own nightmares as he tries to save the child, Kelly Shepard, from the demented clutches of her family. Doubts creep in and he realizes all is not what it seems. On his journey to the truth behind his own shortcomings and those of the Shepard family, Zero, Kelly’s dead bulldog hounds him. Zero becomes his best friend and confidante, his conscience and his muse. I loved every scene and dialogue with the two of them!

Not your average suspense thriller, you should definitely ride The Midnight Road with Piccirilli!



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