Liam Reviews “Talus And The Frozen King”

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Book Reviews, Solaris
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Talus and The Frozen King by Graham Edwards is a good start to what could possibly become a great series of mysteries. The cover promotes the book by saying “Introducing The World’s First Detective.” And I truly got that feeling when main character, Talus, a bard and our “first detective” utters the phrase, “…there’s no time to lose!” I had visions of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (only wearing bear skins and with greasy hair) chasing the baddies in their black hansoms down a darkened, narrow, cobblestone English road! The similarities are very apparent – Talus observes everything and deduces the truth from each clue. His sidekick, Bran, originally a fisherman, is our somewhat bumbling Watson, typically preferring brawn to brains. There is even a Moriarty, “Mishina”, a shaman, who plays to Talus’ weakness for solving challenging mysteries.

What I really found unique here was the world into which these characters are thrust – the cold, icy, coastal realm inhabited by isolated tribes of Neolithic peoples. Edwards brings them to life with their rituals that seem very alien to us. Mud-painted faces, stone tools, bone weapons, are all rich details that add to the raw feeling of the island of Creyak where someone has murdered the king.

Talus is a very interesting character. He searches for his humanity, his brilliance often seems to dull his true emotions for as he analyzes each clue, he begins to analyze his relationships with friends and lovers. His physical appearance is appealing, too, with his bald head, rail thin body, and tattered robes. Bran is our more down-to-earth, emotional character. He has suffered great loss, both emotionally and physically. Strong and human, Bran is the perfect complement to Talus’s logical mind. They work as a pair to expose the murderous plot and at the same time discover some truths about their own pysches.

Bran will continue to follow Talus on a quest north, to the top of the world. They will most certainly find more adventures and mysteries to solve as they continue their journey. The game’s afoot, Bran!


  1. Rabindranauth says:

    I loved that Bran isn’t just a tool/sidekick for Talus to explain what’s happening; Bran has his own suggestions that could very well lead to breakthroughs in the case and what not. That was an easy mistake for Edwards to make, that he didn’t. I’m excited for the next one!

  2. Mogsy says:

    I liked this one too, really reminded me of the mystery classics like the ones by Sayers or Christie. And yes, Sherlock Holmes, of course! I was glad to hear from the author that there would be more Talus stories in the future.

    • This was another book that at the onset, I didn’t have any preconceived thoughts on, so I was pretty pleased with the overall content! Did he mention future release dates for more in the series?

  3. Nathan says:

    Hmm. This just may have to be my next read. I need a short quick one after the Silk Map. Which was not short or quick.

  4. You know it does sound great but ultimately I don’t know if it would be for me.

    • You read a pretty diverse selection of books as a reviewer and that alone would suggest to me that you would find enjoyment with it. However, on the flip-side, I also find that I have a little voice inside of my heading already prejudging books and sometimes you just know if something will work out for you. So it might not be a great fit for you, if that voice is talking loudly. 🙂

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