Liam Reviews “Vampires A Hunter’s Guide “

Posted: August 22, 2014 in The Troubled Scribe's Scribbles
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Oh, Vampires! Sigh. Not another vampire book, I thought! I quickly found that it didn’t matter as I sunk my teeth into Vampires, A Hunter’s Guide by Steven White & Mark McKenzie-Ray. The graphics and images alone in this book were enough to get my 83 year old grandfather interested and flipping through the gripping pages.

A short 80 pages, this book is part history, part fiction, and part survival guide. I’ve read a lot of vampire books – from the kick-ass rock hard vampire babe to the grizzled and decaying vampire king. So what I found the most surprising and pleasant in this reading was the exposure to vampire lore and types throughout the world. Not just the North American stereotypical version of the suave Dracula that we tend to think of, but hag-like creatures, ape-type monsters, Asian zombie-like suckers exist that we seldom hear of, but are just as terrifying.

White and McKenzie-Ray provide a nice blend of reality and myth. Often it’s hard to tell them apart. Are there lines to be drawn, anyway, when it comes to the cold, hard facts of the blood, power sucking species? The authors sprinkle in photos of vampire killing tools, totems representing vampires, and other references as evidence of the various vampire existences. They also provide tips and lifesaving advice on how to kill each type of vampire.

So, if you are fledgling vampire hunter, get this book. Protect its covers and memorize the tell-tale signs presented within its pages. You won’t regret it.



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