About The Troubled Scribe

me & LiamAfter reading literally hundreds of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and whatever other novels that may traipse across path, I decided to throw out my thoughts and reviews of them in blog form. I’m looking as stated above, for fresh  Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Crime,  and Weird Fiction books.

Interested in getting your book reviewed? or have other questions ? Feel Free to contact me at Troubledscribe@hotmail.com. I do occasionally do author interviews, and other such promotions if interested.  I have a pretty strict policy on reviewing E-books, I normally only accept paper format, I have occasionally made an exception for something spectacular now and then.

You can find me on:
Facebook Here.
Twitter Here. (On here pretty regularly)
Goodreads  Here.
(Liam is my son’s name, I give him credit for all reviews)
  1. Rabindranauth says:

    Hola! Because of how much I dig your blog since I’ve started following it, I’ve named you one of my 11 Nominees for the Liebster Award! It’s designed to help raise attention for great blogs, you can learn more about it from my blog post here:


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