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25111218Unless you have been living in a bomb shelter or have an extremely limited of knowledge of the current status of Warhammer 40k advents, then you wouldn’t be aware that, I Am Slaughter, by the legendary Dan Abnett, is the first installment in a large scale series of novels entitled “The Beast Arises”.

To be honest I’ve read books about Space Marines battling Orks; shocked, right? I’ll let you in on another little secret: I’ve read a lot of books about Space Marines battling Orks and this is what made me a little hesitant in jumping aboard this new series. I figured that I am Slaughter would simply be more of the same and it is, more or less.

The pacing of this one was a slow burn for me. I don’t think I really started getting into it until about page fifty. You can tell that Abnett was instructed to lay out a myriad of plots for future authors to follow, also his normal character attachments and dialogue I reminisce about when discussing his writing is a tad lacking. I recognized his banter mostly within the character Magos Laurentis near the end of the book.

I did enjoy the mystique behind the battle on Ardamantua with the Chromes. The eventual play of the Orks behind the gravitational issues and death of the world didn’t evolve exactly as I was expecting, which was nice. Abnett has also created some pretty high expectations for whichever authors get to play around with Vangorich and Beast Krule in the follow-up books.

I Am Slaughter ends with only questions and leaves the reader craving more. I’m excited to see where Rob Sanders picks up in the next installment Predator, Prey and I think Black Library’s The Beast Arises series has a bright future ahead of it. “Daylight Wall stands forever. No wall stands against it.” – Daylight


In Dan Abnett’s story, The Strange Demise of Titus Endor, the characters are so real that I think I’ve met some of them in real life. Titus Endor is obviously my crazy grandfather from my mother’s side… okay… well, maybe not but it seriously could be. Abnett’s grasp on 40k is so perfect that if he ever did slip-up with something I would consider the work a forgery.

In an alternate reality Abnett was obviously some sort of Warhammer God sent to our universe to gift us with awesome stories such as this one. The Strange Demise of Titus Endor is a bit baffling until the end and you could actually end up rereading the entire story to try and figure out what you really believed happened.

Titus believes he is on a mission to hunt down villian Gonrad Maliko and through circumspect evidence, a bizarre occurrence of somewhat correlating numbers, and a mysterious dancer Titus leads us on a ghost hunt, or is it?

Great writing, great setting, and another great short story by the infamous Mr. Abnett, who by now should be referred to as Doctor Abnett with a PhD in Warhammer verse. 9 out of 10 Liams and you can read this short in the very first Hammer & Bolder issue through Black Library.

Abnett also has a new Eisenhorn vs. Ravenor book coming out, Pariah.  It should be very interesting indeed! I have another short story review coming up, Primary Instinct by Sarah Cawkwell.

Here is a look at what came in the mail today 🙂

Games Day Anthology,

#961 The Bloody Handed by Gav Thorpe,

And Aenarion Chapbook!


Embedded image permalink Ah, so three shiny new or should I say used, Warhammers to add to the list of my ever-growing collection of books. Vermintide by Bruno Lee, Sabbat Martyr by Dan Abnett, and Wild Kingdom by Robert Earl. Purchased each book for $3.50 and I estimated around a $7.99 listing price, so I figured I saved around $13.50.  Unfortunately, I probably blew my saving when I ordered the $20.00 Games Day Anthology 2011/2012  online from Black Library.

In case some of you are wondering how vast my collection of books is, well…. enjoy!


No I am not a nerd! This only includes my Warhammer/40k novels.

After making a few purchases at my favorite bookstore, I’ve decided to create an excel spread sheet for the next six months to track my used book purchases and analyze how much money I’m actually saving by getting them used.

First Purchase 

Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett, Hardcover for $3.99 how could I pass this up? List price : $20.00


Second Purchase

Since Blizzard’s recent release of Diablo III, I’ve been trying to collect all the former Diablo books. Priced $3.99 and list price $8.99.

Third Purchase Ah, the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey! Haven’t read it, I might, I don’t know just depends on my free time. Got this for the wifey. Price $7.99 list price $16.00.

Fourth Purchase Lastly, this wee-bitty book for the Liam Monster! Priced at $2.49 with a list price of $5.00.

Now then, lets try and use our dismal mathematical skills which all of us English Savvy individuals failed at so miserably in High School. Total Purchases Consisting of $23.46, List Price comes in at 50.00 and a grand savings of $26.54! Not to bad for a few small purchases.